Groek, is a graphic designer. He started his career by experimenting with street art and graffiti. He describes himself as eternally curious and in search of experimentation. Groek’s work is also based on intuition and spontaneity, which is reflected in his graphic universe with an abundance of colours and textures mixing figurative and abstract forms.


Instagram : groekandgroel

Meaning of the artwork

Groek’s work is built around the character that serves as his logo: a stylized penguin in the shape of ice. He is here in contact with a second penguin who, by their meeting, become one. Embraced in each other’s arms, their bodies form a heart above which another heart radiates, symbolizing their love.

The drips and strokes of color present throughout the plot symbolize the evolution of their situation following their encounter.

The dark gray strokes present in the background, illustrate the different life paths taken by the characters before their meeting and the moments when the two characters support and listen to each other and where their blossoming allows them to radiate.

The drips symbolize the difficult moments, the conflicts where their union breaks down and their relationship gets bogged down. The meeting is a life stage between two individuals, it occurs at a moment in our lives, it is made of up and down in search of balance before the next meeting.