Martin Panchaud was born in 1982 in Geneva, Switzerland. He currently lives in Zurich. Graphic designer, author and illustrator, he creates comics and narrative books as well as infographics, in a unique visual style. German editor “Edition Moderne” published his graphic novel “La couleur des choses” last March.


Website : martinpanchaud

Instagram : martinpanchaud

Meaning of the artwork

The artwork is inspired by the tactical charts of the coaches used to explain the strategy to the players. It adds a caption to bring the abstract forms to life. The spectator uses his or her life and experiences to recreate the sporting action, imagining the speed of the ball, the movement of the players and the tension of the action in progress. It is up to him or her to continue the event in his imagination.

The artwork thus succeeds in bringing together a precise moment and the future in a single image. The artist believes that the encounter between the spectator and a football match is even more important than the sporting event itself. It is this link between these two elements that, once brought together, creates the show and resonates in the stadium.