Nitram Joke is a graffiti artist from Marseille, France. Calligraphy is central in his research and includes movements, structures, and meanings that he revisits and treat as pure raw material. Lettering is key in his work: he redraws, restructures the letters sometimes leaving aside readability as primary meaning to make room for geometry and graphic abstraction in his compositions.


Website : nitramjoke

Instagram : nitramjoke

Meaning of the artwork

The artist Joke worked on the superposition of large calligraphic forms that come together to form a homogeneous work. The transparency of the different colours create new shades when they come together.

The artist wanted to illustrate fair play, respect and all the positive values of sportive activities. The UGS club name is omnipresent on the parcel as a nod to the club. The yellow frame recalls the spirit of a playground with its very specific markings, while the circular shapes represents the wheel of a bicycle and a soccer ball and thus pay tribute to the former velodrome.