Saveur Graffik this is not Streetart, it’s fishart !

The artist expresses himself in the street. He questions the place of biodiversity in the urban landscape through his artistic expression. More specifically, he explores the figure of the fish in all its forms and with different graphic techniques (collage, stencil, bomb, pen). The fish is a totem animal, which Saveur Graffik represents in dreamlike and surrealistic underwater compositions.


Instagram : saveurgraffik


Meaning of the artwork

SEALOVERZ is a love encounter between two urban fishes in a sea polluted by industrialisation and over-consumption. This fresco integrates an artistic approach “it’s not street art, it’s fish art!” which aims to raise awareness on the protection and preservation of the oceans. The ocean, #ons’enfishpas proclaims the loving couple.

The artist SAVEUR GRAFFIK is a former professional muralist who has been using street intervention as a means of artistic expression for over 10 years to raise public awareness and question the place of biodiversity in the urban landscape. More specifically, he declines fish in all forms and graphic techniques (collage, stencil, bomb, felt pen). The fish is a totem animal that he represents in dreamlike and surrealist underwater compositions.