Urban Art Velodrome

More than 30 artists will meet in Geneva during the month of July 2020 to transform a mythical velodrome into Switzerland’s largest collective street artwork. With this exceptional Street Art project on the theme ”the Encounter”, the historic bike path will come to life again through art.

The project

Urban Art Velodrome 2020 is an exceptional project that will contribute to preserve Geneva’s architectural heritage in an innovative way. The historical bike path will come alive again through a cultural, generational and emotional encounter that encourages access to art for all. By engaging in a sustainable urban project, Urania Genève Sport (UGS) seeks to combine art and sports, to create a relation between the two environments and give exceptional visibility to its partners.

The artworks will remain permanently on display and will be viewed by thousands of people. The promotion of the project by the media and institutional sponsors of UGS will bring attention to the artists and their work. Urban Art Velodrome 2020 has a unique, lasting and monumental character, it brings together street artists in a key location hence is a beautiful opportunity to perpetuate Geneva’s heritage.

The project

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