An exceptional Street Art project on the theme of the “Encounter”.
More than 30 artists will meet in Geneva during the month of July 2020 to transform a mythical velodrome into Switzerland’s largest collective street art work. With this project the historic bike path will come to life again through art.


Founded in 1896, Urania Genève Sport (UGS) is the oldest football club in the Canton of Geneva. UGS counts 500 players, about thirty coaches and volunteers. Since August 2018, a younger and passionate committee took over the management of the club with the idea of revitalizing and rejuvenating the club’s image. The Frontenex stadium in Cologny, is the headquarters of the UGS association and the main training ground of the club with four football fields and 4,000 seats. Built in 1920, the stadium will soon celebrate its 100 year anniversary. For a long time, it welcomed not only footballers but also cyclists who came to enjoy a 350-metre asphalt track around the main field. Neglected by two-wheelers and no longer meeting standards because of its surface, the velodrome is not used anymore, therefore UGS proposes to transform it into an immense collective artwork.

Engaging in a sustainable urban project

The velodrome is part of the club’s history. UGS is proud of this heritage and wishes to give a second life to the site through urban art. The project contributes to safeguarding Geneva’s architectural heritage while transforming it in an innovative way. It allows this historic bike path to come alive again through art.

Combining art and sport

At first glance, art and sport may seem very far from each other. The former embodies beauty and sensitivity, the latter strength and competition. UGS seeks to demonstrate that sports and art are universal forms of expression. Both allow people to communicate across languages and cultures, and to express oneself physically, emotionally and intellectually.

Giving visibility to artists

Many talented artists lack support to succeed in their field. UGS wishes to offer local and international artists a unique support and challenge as well as wide visibility. The artworks will remain and will be viewed by many passers-by. The promotion of the project by the media and institutional sponsors of UGS will bring attention to the artists and their work.


The velodrome