BEEM0 and MKDIR are collaborating together to create their fresco on the velodrome.

Stéphanie Rotzetter – alias BEEM0
is an artist from Fribourg, Switzerland. She gives life to mischievous animals, wild beasts and magical creatures through painting, drawing or digital art.

MKDIR is an illustrator based in Fribourg with a professional training as graphic designer. She expresses herself through different mediums ranging from painting to linocutting and animation. Her artwork evoke two main themes: monsters, instinctive and indomitable, and strong women, assertive and at ease with their body.


Instagram : beem0

Instagram : michele.reymond

Meaning of the artwork

The fresco of Mkdir and Beemo represents two aspects of the encounter: the encounter with oneself, and the encounter of their two worlds.

In this painting, we see a character facing a mirror. His reflection is different because it represents another facet of his personality. Which side of the mirror are we on? Impossible to know. The character wants to discover his other side. He tries to cross the mirror to enter the universe of the other which creates cracks.

Mkdir and Beemo’s fresco is also the symbol of the meeting of their two visual world as it is the first time they collaborate on an artistic project.