Ibaat Satya is a muralist artist, from the region of Paris, who practices graffiti making since 20 years. His spiritual influences, self-improvement and knowledge of his origins nourish his creations. In his work, he questions the search of the truth buried in all of us.


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Meaning of the artwork

Meet Yourself

Ibaat Satya painted a woman meditating in levitation and visiting her inner cosmos, protected by her DNA. From the infinitely large to the infinitely small, what characterises us, as human beings, are the revelations we make to ourselves.

The feminine figure represents the sensitivity and strength in each one, the red skin the link with the Earth, the yellow dress the affirmation of self and will, the DNA, in blue, the water that composes us, vector of communication and encounters.

The levitation represents the floating that we feel when we surpass ourselves, but also the relativity of time when the mind is lets go, which allows us to be in direct connection with our soul. With each dream, each meditation, each trial of life, we discover ourselves a little more.