Linda Kchr is an illustrator and graphic designer based between Geneva, Brussels and Mexico.

She studied at the Haute Ecole d’Art et de Design de Genève (HEAD) and has since then moved to Mexico to nourish her inspiration. She draws a multiplicity of nude figures in an open minded, healthy and varied body aesthetic.


Website : linda kocher

Instagram : lindakchr

Meaning of the artwork

Linda Kocher develops an inclusive and joyful practice, driven by a vision of body beauty and pleasure that is completely open minded, healthy and plural. In her creations she illustrates the body, sexuality, gender identity and well-being. With her work she hope to encourage the acceptance of oneself and the other with delicacy, gentleness and optimism in a delicate and harmonious universe.

For Urban Art Velodrome, Linda Kocher chose a visual from her Choreography series representing dancing bodies. To express our identities, the relationship to our bodies is essential. We must re-appropriate and reconnect to feel free. Working with the statement “My body belongs to me and I enjoy it” the artist shows naked, queer and cisgender bodies, multiple, different and varied. Dancing allows one to reconnect with one’s body, self and identity, and thus to emancipate oneself. Within this framework, dance leads to an encounter with oneself as well as with others.