Mary Radkow is interested in projects linking art and social work. She works in a creative studio with people with disabilities and collaborates, as an illustrator, with the collective of the Women’s Strike in Geneva.


Instagram : maryradkow

Meaning of the artwork

First of all, to look at one another, then to get to know each other. A face-to-face, a mirror game where our imaginations, our cultures and all the elements that make up our lives intersect and mingle.

Mary Radkow illustrates the different facets of human encounters in this fresco. The characters interact with each other with the help of symbolic elements. Phylacteries, train, plant, telephone, watering can, so many objects which, taken out of their context, are free of interpretation. Inspired by the surrealists, the artist likes universes where disparate elements combine in a puzzle that tends towards the absurd and that everyone can interpret in their one way. The spectator is therefore invited to wander through the fresco, to read it in the way he or she likes so as to be able to tell his or her own story.