Born in Geneva, Seika is a self-taught graffiti artist and visual artist. Her work began with the search for a style of letters. She has been painting in the street since 1997, then through her training as a silkscreen printer, she turned to color and the world of illustration and publishing. She quickly felt the need to represent the human being.

Through her travels and her love for Africa, she paints the faces of children, women and men she met during her travels. Sculpting realistic portraits, from her own photos, with her own touch and sensitivity, she questions herself about being. Intense, her portraits never leave indifferent, challenging those who look at them: a face to face with themselves.

Instagram : seikaone

Meaning of the artwork

Seika works mainly with the photos she takes during her travels and therefore her encounters. She chose this photo because it perfectly illustrates the theme of the project : first there is a meeting between two friends, then a second one between the children and the photographer and the third one between the children and the public who will see the painting.

When we talk about meeting, we are talking about discovering the other, another culture, the richness of the exchange…

All the exchange is transmitted by the glance and through this one, an emotion is released and, in the end, a questioning of the world which surrounds us and thus of ourselves.