Joule Champod


Joule Champod was born in 1977 in the popular district of Jonction in Geneva, Switzerland. He started to make his own mark towards the end of the 1980s by tagging the walls of his neighbourhood. He practices break dance and designs clothes for his dance teammates. He specialises himself in street art naturally by painting larger and more colourful walls.

In the early 1990s, Joule’s own style emerges and the public notices his work through murals and various exhibitions, as well as for his DJ activities (Swiss DMC championship). In 1999, he travels to Brazil, which triggers for him the wish to paint walls on the outskirts of metropoles and megacities all over the world, which he later did. Joule has left his mark in many places, including Bangkok, Bogota, Casablanca, Dakar, Dubai, London, Madrid, Medellin, Prague, Sao Paulo and Stuttgart.


Instagram : joulechampod