Cyril Simon, alias 2Flui, was born in 1975 and grew up in the region of Paris. He painted his first graffiti when he was 17 years old. He practices calligraphy and graffiti and both disciplines inspire him.


Website : 2flui.com

Instagram: 2Flui

Meaning of the artwork

The artist 2Flui worked with letters, as he usually does, to give them a dynamic and an elegance, a tribute as they accompany us all our lives. In this fresco, he wrote in disorder yet harmoniously the word ENCOUNTER with Latin letters that fit together.

The balance comes from the colours on the left with the yellow that comes out of the word LOVE and on the right, by interlacing with the neighbouring works.

We can also talk about an encounter with the colours used, it is more an encounter with the artist as yellow is not his favourite colour. However on this grey almost black ground, he found the yellow to be almost gold with the red that reminds ruby and the white the diamond. This further enhances the ornamental side of his calligram.