320 KE


MOTIVO Y ESPACIO aka Ronaldo HB is an architect and interior designer. He has been active in the graffiti scene in Spain since the 1990’s. He participated in the creation of the concept “Reason and space” in 2011, from which, based on an idea or reason and having a surface or space, the creation is developed.


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Signification de l’oeuvre

As an important and essential moment in the life of the human being in his encounter or relation with the rest of people, something as basic as LOVE is found.

That is why this word is chosen in the international English language, where the vast majority of people on the planet will be able to understand its meaning.

In the intervention the word LOVE is represented in a totally geometric way and playing with the composition of colors making the spectator to distinguish the letters in a second look.

For the realization of the mural, tools have been used for the setting out and marking of constructive and geometric elements: tape measure, construction strip, thread and chalk. Once the letters have been marked, they have been painted freehand without the help of stencils or cutting tapes.