Stéphane Giusto alias Zert, is a self-taught painter originally from south of France based in Scionzier in Haute-Savoie, France.

He does graffiti since 1998 all over France. Movement is central to his work and he masters different expertise and techniques that he explores on various supports. Zert uses spray paint, airbrushes, brushes and marker pens.

Website: aerozert.fr

Instagram: Zertoner


GRAFFMATT is an urban painter based in Chambéry, France. He has been drawing since his youngest age. The general climate of our society strikes him particularly and inspire his work. It is a theme he deconstructs in his creations in order to give a disconnected vision of our humanity.

GRAFFMATT associates graffiti painting with recycled materials to give power his works giving a feeling of movement.

Website : graffmatt

Instagram : graffmatt

Meaning of the artwork

This work is a collaboration between Graff Matt and Zert. They wanted to represent an encounter on the velodrome. The artist Graff Matt painted with an aerosol in the foreground, two characters of different social class face to face with the expression of surprise in a caricatured style and an abstract and original colouring.

Zert draw, in the background, a mandala with calligraphy in tone-on-tone colouring. Cardinal points are present in order to define the geographical orientations of the stadium.

The work represents a theatrical and humorous scene in this original place.