Drika Chagas and MANU.O collaborate on the creation of frescoes.

Drika Chagas was born in the city of Belém do Pará in Amazonia in Brasil. Her creations are inspired by the representations and cultural experiences coming from a dreamlike depiction of the Amazon and representations of the Paraense feminine figure.

MANU.O was born in Burgundy in France. Inspired by his travels around the world, he experiments with different styles of calligraphy from Hebraic to Arabic and Sanskrit cultures and more recently from the pixaçaos tradition of northern Brazil.


Website : drikachagas

Instagram : drikachagas

Meaning of the artwork

The work entitled “O Enfeite” (“The Ornament”) is the result of a collaboration between Brazilian artist Drika Chagas and French artist Manu.O.

It features a female character who symbolises the act of getting ready for festive encounters and celebrations found throughout various cultures around the world. By making the gesture of adorning her head with ribbons and flowers, she reminds us of the satisfaction of entertainment for moments of joy where the fantasies present in the popular imagination are shared. She has various tattoos and animal forms, a metaphor of the coexistence between humans and nature.

The work is also composed of calligraphies that create an aesthetic harmony between the feminine figure and the writings, taken from a translation of Hermann Hesse’s book, “The Wolf of the Steppes”.

“Nothing bad could happen to a being able to fully enjoy the moment, living in the present and knowing how to appreciate with tender attention every little flower encountered”.