The 26-year-old artist, Edouard Guibaud alias Edou-art is passionate about art since a very young age. He creates black and white drawings with the precise goal to captivate and capture, for a given time, the eye and the public with, at first glance, realistic representations that in fact hide an incredible number of secrets.


Instagram : edou.art20

Meaning of the artwork

You were dreaming about it? So did he! Salvador Dali and Marilyn

Monroe meeting each other… imagine the show! Opening the curtain an discover this timeless encounter!

What could be better than a meeting between two icons to celebrate the centenary of the Frontenex stadium velodrome?

The meeting of two personalities whose faces, expressions and features creates their own masterpiece that has inspired more than one artist. The two portraits are taken from two beautiful photographs by Philippe Halsman.

Who says improbable meeting says improbable dialogue! Dali expresses himself as Marilyn would have done and vice versa. It’s the height for Marilyn to answer to Dali that “beauty will be edible or not”, whereas she is the very incarnation of beauty and feminine elegance…

At the heart of the two characters, Dali’s soft clocks represent the time of the encounter. The timelessness of these two figures is also represented by the clocks that cross time and years to persist in our memories.

The superposition of the portraits represents the anguish, the apprehension and the doubts meeting a stranger can represent. What is going to happen? What is she (he) going to think of me?….

Ten seconds to make a good impression? It is short! Gustav White said it well: “You will never have a second chance to make a first good impression”.

Lastly, the fresco represent the confluence of two styles. The Surrealism of Dali and the Pop Culture of Marilyn, in a Street Art event! What else?

Let’s take a break! A simple glance that titillates his moustache and they become one!

And then, we witness an improbable meeting of two artists in the middle of 34 artists for a successful centenary …