Haroldmak aka Philibert, is an illustrator who fell into graffiti in 2013 due to a misunderstanding. Since then, he graffs on all types of mediums (sprays, collage, felt-tip pens, etc.) and shares his knowledge of urban art in schools, prisons, socio-cultural centres, cities, etc.

At the end of 2019, he launched into educational graffiti, keeping the graphic side of school notebooks from the 40/50s to symbolize the transmission over time.
“Raise your eyes to learn without being constantly plunged into the screens.”


Instagram : haroldmak_alias_philibert

Meaning of the artwork

Anatomy of the Human Body, Plate 01: ”The Hand”.

Here the encounter is symbolised by a handshake, just before the hands touch.

Historically, the handshake allowed the interlocutors to show they came unarmed with good intentions. It is a gesture of thanks and/or agreement.

The encounter of two hands, but not only. The Encounter of a man with his soul, of a man in his time toward death, the confluence of art with science…

The fresco is educational, it aims to bring knowledge, sharing and exchange and to see from an unusual and anatomical point of view a gesture.

Some time ago, the artist Harold Maka discovered an old school notebook from his grandfather dating from 1941, ”Science of life and earth”; it was a revelation for him. Written in pencil, filled with magnificent illustrations on how life works, everything was there, before his eyes, for an improbable encounter with his grandfather. “Raise your eyes to learn! Raise your eyes from your screens! The encounter is within reach… »