It was in the late 1980s that Jazi tried his hand at the complex art of graffiti. Since then, he has continued his research with an ever-renewed passion. Lettering in 2D, 3D, realistic portraits, surreal landscapes or abstract curves, each new work becomes the pretext for a technical challenge. Recognized by his peers and sought after for his talent, he carries out numerous mandates and experiments with various media, such as canvas, paper and prints.

Website : jazi

Instagram : jazi

Meaning of the artwork

Jazi’s work represents the encounter between asphalt and colours. In his eyes, every asphalt surface is potentially a place that can come to life with colours. During the realisation of the artwork, the natural curiosity of the artist led him to wonder what could be under his feet?

The searing heat, the large surface, and the different medium are the exceptional circumstances that pushed him to think of a solution that could be effective and allow him to avoid suffering from all these elements, and on the contrary to transform  them as a strengths.

The speed of execution, the absence of details and the inclination of the ground were key for this creation, as can be illustrated by the flowing painting.