Bertrand Godard, alias TRAMS, has studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris with professor and artist Vladimir Vélickovic. TRAMS explored his own artistic language in forbidden settings and surfaces such as public walls, wagons or abandoned streets. From there he turned from large formats to smaller ones, real abstract miniatures on metro tickets and raw linen canvas.

TRAMS is originally from Paris, France. He currently lives and works in Vignats in Calvados.


Instagram : bertrand_tramsone_godard

Meaning of the artwork

First we see a young cyclist, a bit Old School. Was he famous? Never mind, it is the story of a little guy who met “Le Monde” the day he met his first bike at 18 years old in May 1960 somewhere in the hills of Normandy.

In a quest for inner peace, the artist Trams One is going back to his past and brings up all his emotions. Indeed, the main character is a part of him; it is none other than his father who died on a bicycle at the age of 75 in 2017.

The culture of cycling and especially track cycling races like in the old days at Frontenex stadium represented for him a form of freedom and hearing the sound of the freewheel resonating in the countryside was synonymous of life .

He dreamed of going “to the other side of the hedge” as he used to say, go for adventure, cross the stages, become a man, a cyclist, a guide for his children and his family.