Romanesco One is a versatile artist from Zurich, Switzerland with a passion for mural creation, painting and street art.He has a preference for spray and acrylic paint on all kinds of surfaces such as canvases, walls or traffic signs. Romanesco One’s paintings are colourful, deep, and playful and invite one to think and question the subject.Since 2004, his creations can be seen in galleries and on walls in different cities.

He leaves behind him, in every places he visits around the world, a colourful trace often contrasting with the greyish setting.


Instagram : romanescoart

Meaning of the artwork

In “Encounter with the Universe”, Romanesco One represents a blindfolded businessman trying to connect with the colourful universe. Too focused on material things and money, he has lost the ability to feel the beauty and energy of nature around him. Now that he is blind, he is forced to meet himself. On the monochrome right side, the artist tried to paint his feelings and deep thoughts.

The bubble symbolizes his thoughts on life: from the fertilisation of the egg to the skull, he can see his whole life. In between, we can see the metamorphosis of a butterfly, love, trees, art, civilisation and other strong symbols such as birds in flight.

It is an encounter with himself and his subconscious.

The artist believes that his fresco can be interpreted as the beginning of all the other artworks in the velodrome: it all started with the universe. The character’s thoughts go around 360 degrees and encompass all the other artworks, which become a dream or a reflection on oneself of the blindfolded man.