Victoria Boissonnas, alias VICON, is a Geneva-based artist who evolves beyond borders. VICON works mainly in illustration, but also with other mediums such as photography, performance or video, which allows her to develop her creations around strong and committed themes that are close to her heart.

She defends an instinctive and emotional art inspired by the meeting of bodies and often questions the role of the body envelope that constitutes and defines each human being. In her works VICON uses one line drawing which allows her to express a narrative sequences. She evokes her constant desire to get lost during the creative process in order to be confronted with the unknown.


Website : victoriaboissonnas

Instagram : vicon

Meaning of the artwork

Through continuous lines that intermingle, the artist Vicon wanted to evoke an abstract encounter between silhouettes and faces. Using the technique of one line drawing, she created a patchwork of figures while leaving the asphalt visible to reveal the structure of the main lines.